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Our Comminution Consulting Process

Comminution Specialists providing Independent Assessment of Grinding Circuit Design based on an Analysis of Different Comminution Test Protocols and Recommendations for:

  • Planning Dedicated Sample Drill Hole Locations for a “Geo-Metallurgical/Comminution Study” at Conceptual, and/or Pre-Feasibility, and/or Bankable Feasibility Level (Identification of Sample Intervals, the Number of Samples, Flow Charts for Selecting Samples and Identification of Comminution Test Protocols).
  • Specification of Comminution Test Programs and Scope of Work for Test Laboratories (Third-Party Monitoring of Test Laboratory Procedures and QA/QC protocols, as well as Assessment of Comminution Test Results).
  • Definition of Specific Energy Requirements and Efficient Design of a Grinding Circuit (Simulation of Mill Sizing and Prediction of Mill Feed Rates by DJB’s “Millpower2000” Bond Work Index-based Methodology, Matching the Mill Drive to the Mill for Effective Operating Capability to the Desired Operating Criteria, Comparison with the Results of Alternative Test Protocols).
  • Estimation of Operating Cost Parameters (Power and Steel Consumption)
  • Estimation of Preliminary Capital Cost
  • Use of the Mine Block Model to Optimize Mining and Processing Rates in a Mine Production Schedule

DJB Consultants, Inc. specializes in working collegially with Clients’ field and mine geologists, project miners and metallurgists, and engineering specialists.

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